Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 04 Sep 2019

Rick Rule - Math Is Showing Coming Tremendous Demand For Gold and Silver

Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott USA Holdings, speaks with us again on SBTV as we discuss why math alone is supporting the case for gold and silver, and dissect investor psychology to distinguish the habits of winners and losers in bull and bear markets.

Discussed in this interview:
01:32 Main reason for the rally in gold prices in 2019
04:12 Magnitude and duration of gold bull markets
08:55 What math is showing about the coming demand for precious metals assets
12:37 Impact of higher gold prices on mining companies
14:34 Understanding investor psychology and motivations
20:35 Negative interest rates steal from the savers
27:29 Central banks have less room to save the economy
30:49 How to start investing in gold mining stocks


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