Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 09 Dec 2018

Rick Rule - Gold Price is Stupidly Low Relative to Monetary Inflation

Rick Rule shares with us on SBTV his valuable observations of investing the contrarian way and investor psychology needed to survive a bear market. We find out how Rick views physical gold and other resources that are on his radar at this moment.

Rick Rule is the President & CEO of Sprott USA Holdings.

Discussed in this interview:
01:11 Investing the contrarian way.
04:43 Investor's psychology in a bear market.
08:11 A bear market is a sale.
10:10 Ascent of man: The need for natural resources.
14:01 Gold: Bear or bull market?
19:24 Gold: An insurance and store of value.
24:47 Geopolitical turmoil no longer move gold prices?
27:35 Deciding between bullion, gold stocks and gold ETFs.
32:58 Other resources on Rick's radar (nickel, potash, uranium)
37:29 How resource stocks are affected in a financial crisis.


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