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Posted by Vincent Le on 17 Jun 2024

Professor Vince Lanci - Geo-economics, the #BRICS, and #Silver


In a riveting discussion on SBTV, Patrick Vierra engages with Professor Vince Lanci to dissect pressing global issues, particularly focusing on geo-economics and the shifting dynamics between the East and West. Lanci provides an insightful analysis on how the collapse of globalism is driving a transition towards regionalism, highlighting the critical role of established supply chains and payment systems in maintaining international peace. He draws parallels between the ideologies of Ayn Rand and Karl Marx to emphasize that without economic intermediation, conflict becomes inevitable. This transition, he explains, is paving the way for the BRICS nations to strengthen their economic influence as they develop independent trade mechanisms and monetary policies, often in response to the West's strategic moves.

The interview further delves into the implications of these geopolitical shifts on personal and private wealth, with an interesting observation on the increasing migration of wealth from West to East. Singapore, noted for its burgeoning family offices, is portrayed as a strategic hub for managing and supporting regional investments, appealing to both Asian and non-Asian investors. Lanci's commentary provides a thought-provoking look at how these macroeconomic trends are reshaping global wealth distribution and the strategic maneuvers of nations like China, which is adeptly positioning itself through gold and silver acquisitions within the BRICS framework. For those keen on understanding the intricate dance of global economic powers and the future of wealth management, this interview is a must-watch.


0:00: Discussion on global economic distrust and its impact on credit lending.
4:56: Shift in global wealth distribution from West to East attracting individual wealth to Singapore.
9:48: China signals readiness for trade rollout, potentially impacting gold purchases and currency backing.
14:30: Shift away from globalism impacting traditional economic mechanisms like bonds and credit.
19:28: Silver's potential as a currency alongside gold due to its industrial applications and widespread availability.
23:55: Influencing interest rates through bond purchases to prevent economic stagnation.
28:51: Global central bank BIS acts as a hub for financial transactions and resources among G7 banks.
33:51: Global economic dynamics explained in relation to oil trade between Russia, Europe, and India.
38:58: Gold arbitrage strategy based on market dynamics and threat of delivery in financial markets.
43:46: Discussion on the impact of value added tax on silver trading in China and its potential influence on the market dynamics.
48:26: China's strategic plan to accumulate gold and silver domestically and transition to Chinese stocks.

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