Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 11 Aug 2022

Peter Schiff - $1,000 Silver is Possible If This Precious Metals Bull Market Rivals The 1970s'

SBTV spoke with Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Market Strategist at Euro Pacific Capital, about why the Fed is likely to tame inflation today and why $1,000 silver may be on the cards if this precious metals bull market rival the 1970s' gold and silver bull market.

Discussed in this interview:
02:17 Redefining recession
06:15 Seeing the truth
08:39 Housing market crisis again?
11:04 This bubble needs to pop
15:37 Interest rates still too low
20:32 $1,000 silver coming?
24:08 Is gold still an inflation hedge?
26:53 Back to Gold Standard



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