Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 10 Jul 2019

Otavio Costa - Plethora of Warning Signs Of The Looming Global Economic Meltdown

Otavio Costa, Global Macro Analyst at Crescat Capital, joins us on SBTV and shocked us with a plethora of warning signs he has found from his research that the bubble economy has peaked and the next economic meltdown is nearing.

Discussed in this interview:
04:19 Business cycle has peaked
10:09 Yield curve inversion, how much runway?
11:37 Precipice of crisis the likes of 2008?
19:10 Gold and silver: Extremely undervalued vs US stocks
21:54 Bull market for gold?
27:13 Silver below $20/oz is absurd
28:41 Trade of the century: Buy gold, sell stocks
34:07 The de-dollarization trend


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