Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 16 Dec 2018

Mike Beck - Electric Vehicle Revolution: Game Over for Petrol/Diesel Vehicles

We invited Mike Beck of Regent Advisors LLC for a chat on SBTV about investment opportunities in the electric vehicle megatrend. He was the right person to ask as he turned $4m into $2.5b when he spotted the opportunity in uranium in 2007. Now, Mike has his sights set on the electric vehicle revolution as the next big trend that would have a massive impact on electric vehicle battery metals such as lithium, nickel and cobalt.

Discussed in this interview:
01:28 Spotting the next big trend.
04:25 Electric vehicles to be cheaper than internal combustion engine vehicles.
07:19 Electric vehicles are cheaper and faster to build.
14:21 Overview of nickel market: class I & II nickel
17:33 Battery production only uses class I nickel
18:40 Amount of nickel in a standard EV battery.
19:59 Staggering projection of nickel supply needed for electric vehicle demand.
23:42 Opportunities for investors in the electric vehicle revolution.
28:44 A dedicated class I nickel price to come.
32:54 Cobalt: Most supply-constrained metal.
38:42 Cobalt price is highly inelastic.
42:13 Cobalt 27: Pure unadulterated play on cobalt.


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