Mickey Fulp - Buy Physical Gold As An Insurance Policy

Posted by Vincent Tie on 01 Aug 2018

SBTV's latest guest is Mickey Fulp a.k.a the Mercenary Geologist. Given his geology experience, we asked him about the disparity between the gold and silver crustal abundance ratio, production ratio and the price ratio.

We also covered the issue of peak gold in gold mining, the rarity of silver mines and the negative correlation between the US dollar and the gold price.

Discussed in this interview:
03:50 Gold to silver crustal abundance ratio.
06:04 Gold to silver production ratio.
08:17 Top challenges for gold miners.
09:46 Timeframe from exploration to production.
13:00 Huge gold deposits are rarer today.
16:40 How real is peak gold?
19:47 Peak oil did not happen.
23:14 How rare are primary silver mines?
26:54 Impact of electric vehicles on lead & silver.
29:45 Correlation between US dollar and gold price.
35:29 Low gold prices is a buying opportunity.
37:05 Behaviour of a bull market.
40:56 Gold not an investment, it's an insurance policy.


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