Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 13 Apr 2023

Michael Pento - We Are Going to Have Deadlier and Deadlier Asset Bubble Collapses

SBTV spoke with Michael Pento, President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, about the Fed's conundrum between saving the banking system and fighting inflation. Michael believes the Fed's QE and QT cycles will lead to bigger asset bubbles that will be increasingly deadly when they collapse.

Discussed in this interview:
01:17 More intense inflation, deflation cycles
04:02 No end to expanding base money?
08:01 Fed to continue raising interest rates?
12:19 Bonds and CLOs underwater
16:10 What will the Fed do?
21:22 De-dollarization crisis
22:39 2023 Outlook for the US economy
24:32 Hold precious metals



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