Max Keiser - Future of Money is Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

Posted by Vincent Tie on 14 Oct 2020

SBTV discussed the future of money with Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report, and the Orange Pill Podcast. As the fiat currencies crumble with extreme money printing from world central banks, the contenders of future money are increasingly becoming only gold, silver, and bitcoin.

Discussed in this interview:
01:38 Orange pill the solution to the red and blue pills
06:24 A generation of currency debasement by central banks
09:19 Savings still the foundation of capitalism and prosperity
13:27 The two factions: gold vs bitcoin
17:13 What is money?
25:20 Future of money beyond centrally planned currencies
30:04 Other investments on Max's radar
36:13 The world if Nixon Shock of 1971 did not happen


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