Mark Valek - Revaluation of Gold Higher an Option Central Banks Increasingly Cannot Ignore

Posted by Vincent Tie on 24 Jun 2020

Returning SBTV guest Mark Valek, co-author of the In Gold We Trust report, shares with us why we will witness the dawn of a golden decade and how the unsustainable debt levels makes revaluing gold higher an option central banks cannot ignore. Otherwise, the market will make this decision for them.

Discussed in this interview:
01:47 Living in unprecedented times
05:27 In Gold We Trust report: The Dawning of a Golden Decade
10:34 Why hasn't the Everything Bubble popped given the Covid-19 crisis?
20:44 Central banks in a trap to perpetually print money
31:36 Real economy down, stock markets at record highs
33:57 Does gold have limitations that may need the help of money printing?
39:12 The advent of gold-backed tokens and the role they will play in the future



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