Mark Valek - Inflated Fiat Money: The Fuel For All Economic Bubbles

Posted by Vincent Tie on 09 Oct 2019

SBTV's latest guest is Mark Valek, co-author of the In Gold We Trust report and partner of Incrementum AG. We asked Mark about the impact on the ECB's negative interest rate policy on savers in Europe and why fiat money is the biggest bubble right now.

Discussed in this interview:
01:37 Gold price rally in 2019
06:38 Growing institutional interest in gold
08:26 Where are we in the three stages of the Dow Theory?
13:10 Gold-silver ratio showing opportunity in silver
16:30 Fiat money: the biggest bubble right now
22:55 Gold will have to be repriced higher to deal with the debt
24:43 How ECB stimulus and negative interest rates in Europe is affecting savers
30:00 Erosion of trust in fiat money to drive interest in bitcoin



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