Luke Gromen - No Region Will Be Left Unscathed When Debt Bomb Explodes

Posted by Vincent Tie on 13 May 2020

SBTV latest guest is Luke Gromen, founder of FFTT, LLC (Forest for the Trees). We discussed the massive debt hole the Federal Reserve will need to fill and why a bond auction where the Fed is the sole buyer is increasingly a likely scenario.

Discussed in this interview:
01:50 Life disrupted by the pandemic
04:20 How bad is the damage to the real economy from shutdown?
09:28 Limits to the Fed's money printing
18:01 Fed desperately managing global demand for dollars
22:19 Why oil price went negative and its impact
30:08 Virus the pin to burst global debt bubble?
35:27 Gold & bitcoin: the only assets that do well regardless of crises
40:09 Most important issue not discussed enough today



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