Lithium-ion Battery Going Strong, EV Price Tag Shrinks | Electric Vehicle & Battery Metals

Posted by Vincent Tie on 30 Apr 2019

SBTV brings you the latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.

In this update:
01:19 US$18 billion electric car bubble at risk of bursting in China
03:41 Battery reality: There's nothing better than lithium-ion coming soon
05:59 Worried about nickel supply, China battery maker BYD welcomes JV discussions
07:42 China's Greatpower to start producing nickel sulphate by end-2019
09:46 Fastest electric car chargers are waiting for batteries to catch up
12:14 Electric car price tag shrinks along with battery cost
14:20 New registrations for electric vehicles doubled in US since last year

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