Kevin Smith - Stage Is Set For Silver To Be A Gold Bull On Steroids

Posted by Vincent Tie on 13 Nov 2019

We are joined by Kevin Smith, Founder and CEO of Crescat Capital, on SBTV for an update on the inversion of the yield curve, the looming threat from collateralized loan obligations and why silver will be gold on steroids in this bull market.

Discussed in this interview:
03:19 Factoring human behaviour in economic forecasts
07:55 Indicators that screamed RED ALERT before a crisis
10:12 Situation with the yield curve inversion
11:39 Bear market ahead for US stocks
15:37 Collateralized loan obligations the new CDOs?
20:40 How long will this gold bull market last
23:50 Silver: Gold on steroids
25:20 US to see negative interest rates?



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