Kevin Smith - Silver Bull Market Taking Off From Extremely Low Valuations

Posted by Vincent Tie on 05 Aug 2020

SBTV spoke with Kevin Smith, Founder of Crescat Capital, about how the entire precious metals industry is less than 1 percent of the global stock market cap. The bull markets in silver and precious metals equities are beginning from extremely low valuations.

Discussed in this interview:
01:19 How this economic crisis in 2020 is looking
04:46 Fed cannot normalize their balance sheet
09:30 Crazy times ahead as imbalances have become extremely immense
13:37 The huge opportunity in gold and silver
19:00 Wide disconnect between stock valuations and real economy
22:22 China's debt bubble and its impact when it bursts
29:38 Fallout from debt bubbles will not be pretty
34:49 Crescat Capital's precious metals fund


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