Kenneth Lewis, APMEX CEO - Sovereign Gold & Silver Perform Better In The Long Term

Posted by Vincent Tie on 05 May 2019

SBTV speaks with Kenneth Lewis, CEO of APMEX, about his outlook on the precious metals market as a major bullion retailer. We also discuss how innovations in digital precious metals are increasing the use cases for gold and silver.

Discussed in this interview: 
03:15 Gold and silver market since 2011
05:32 Is gold and silver money or an investment?
09:19 Which is a better buy: bars or coins?
10:58 What's up with the US Mint halting silver eagle production?
13:00 Cryptocurrencies: Impact on gold market
17:53 OneGold: What it is and how it works
24:27 New innovative gold products coming
27:50 Understanding how VaultChain works with OneGold


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