Kenneth Ameduri - Biggest Gains In This Gold and Silver Bull Market Come In the 9th Inning

Posted by Vincent Tie on 17 Jun 2020

SBTV latest guest Kenneth Ameduri, Chief Editor of Crush The Street, reminds investors to be patient as the biggest gains in this gold and silver bull market will come only in the 9th inning... and we are probably only in the 4th or 5th right now.

Discussed in this interview:
04:11 Find value in investments
08:36 Owning gold and silver is a hedge against fiat system chaos
11:07 Have we seen the worst in the economy?
17:04 Counting the additional economic damage from the riots
20:14 The reset is here
26:33 Losing faith in central bank system
30:17 Which is better - gold or silver?
33:36 Cryptocurrencies an ally of gold and silver



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