Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 22 Apr 2022

Keith Weiner - Poof! Gold-backed Ruble Went Away As Fast As It Came

SBTV spoke with Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of Monetary Metals, about what it takes for any fiat currency to become gold-backed and its implications on the world should there be a first.

Discussed in this interview:
01:23 Precious metals becoming legal tender at state-level
05:48 What is money?
12:41 How superpowers are stacked up on the global chessboard
16:31 Gold-backed ruble implications
20:08 Expiry date for gold futures market?
22:29 Gold as a neutral reserve asset
26:04 Commodity producers versus dollar producer
32:38 Gold-backed central bank digital currencies



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