Kai C. Chng - Transfer Gold Between Countries Easily With Digix Global's DGX

Posted by Vincent Tie on 19 May 2019

SBTV's latest guest is Kai C. Chng CEO of Digix Global, a company that is tokenizing real world physical assets like gold on the blockchain. KC shares how gold-backed DGX tokens are allow gold to be even more portable and usable for payments today.

Discussed in this interview:
02:18 Gold: An investment or money?
03:40 Tokenising physical assets like gold and silver
05:22 Using DGX tokens for payments
09:01 Redeeming DGX gold tokens for physical gold
10:01 Moving gold across borders with DGX tokens
13:18 How Digix proves the existence of the gold backing DGX tokens
15:43 DigixDAO (DGD): Launch and how it works
17:46 How DigixDAO holders are rewarded


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