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Posted by Vincent Le on 30 Jun 2024

John Lee - Metals and The BRICS Nonsense


In an exciting interview with SBTV's Patrick Vierra, John Lee, Chairman of Silver Elephant Mining Corp., shares his unfiltered and incisive perspectives on the current geopolitical and geoeconomic landscape. John dissects the intricate dynamics of global politics, underscoring the pervasive impacts of sanctions, smuggling, and the shifting power balances between major economies. He highlights the convoluted trade routes and the clandestine flow of goods, pointing out the paradoxes of geopolitical sanctions that inadvertently support black markets. Lee's assertion that the world is experiencing a seismic shift, akin to a "Titanic Paradox," where traditional monetary systems and assets like gold are becoming paramount, is particularly thought-provoking.

Lee's bullish stance on silver and gold amidst these turbulent times is compelling. He argues that the enduring value of precious metals will inevitably shine through the chaos of geopolitical strife and economic uncertainty. Predicting significant price surges for both silver and gold by the end of the year, Lee provides a detailed analysis of market trends, technical indicators, and historical precedents. His forecast of gold reaching $2,800 and silver hitting $50 before year's end invites investors to reconsider their strategies and underscores the resilience and strategic importance of these assets. This interview is a must-watch for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of today's investment landscape and understand the underlying forces at play.


0:07: Discussion on the impact of fire being lit in the metal market and the potential for continued price increases.
4:46: Silver market analysis: factors affecting price movement, future projections, and impact of silver supply on demand.
09:23: Analysis of silver market dynamics and the influence of central banks on investment demand.
14:03: Analysis of silver market dynamics, investment demand, and price potential.
19:18: Platinum's historical premium over gold, strategic acquisition of nickel projects leading to PGM study, and investment in platinum coins.
23:50: Factors influencing investment decisions in metals include time horizon, risk tolerance, and upside potential.
27:32: Global power struggle behind the scenes influencing world events and control.
31:57: Challenges in the mining industry: low profitability, reserve depletion, and heavy market manipulation.
36:53: Changes in flight paths due to geopolitical agreements restricting route options for travel between Vancouver and Seoul.
41:21: Expertise in mining industry, economic passion, and extensive experience in community relations and feasibility studies.
45:19: Importance of due diligence when purchasing precious metals to avoid potential scams and unknown dealers.

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