Jim Paterson - Epic Disconnect: Takes Risks and Decades to Mine Gold Versus Instant Money Printing

Posted by Vincent Tie on 08 Jul 2020

Our latest SBTV guest is Jim Paterson, CEO of ValOre Metals Corp and Co-Founder of Discovery Group. We asked Jim about the health of the gold mining sector and the disconnect between the many decades taken to mine gold compared to how quickly the Fed is able to print money.

Discussed in this interview:
01:41 How Jim started in the mining business
05:05 State of the gold mining sector's health
13:00 Trend of smaller gold discoveries
16:28 The challenges with mining gold
22:21 What is considered high or low grade when it comes to mining gold
28:23 How the gold mining industry will look like when gold price is beyond $2,000
34:55 How COVID-19 crisis will impact the gold mining sector
38:41 About Discovery Group



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