Jan Nieuwenhuijs - Worrying Anomalies With U.S. Gold Reserves At Fort Knox

Posted by Vincent Tie on 18 Mar 2020

SBTV's latest guest is Jan Nieuwenhuijs, a precious metals analyst with Voima Gold. Jan used to write under the Koos Jansen pen name and is well known for his research in the China gold market, Chinese gold reserves and the global monetary system.

Discussed in this interview:
01:43 Researching precious metals and monetary system as Koos Jansen
03:46 How much gold reserves does China really have?
07:24 Under-reporting of gold reserves by China
09:25 Why China is hoarding gold?
14:02 The pattern of the West-East ebb and flow of gold
25:08 U.S gold reserves at Fort Knox
31:49 How much above-ground silver is there?
34:08 Is silver still relevant as a monetary metal?



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