JP Cortez - Battle at State & Federal Levels to Restore Gold & Silver Sound Money to America

Posted by Vincent Tie on 08 Jan 2020

SBTV speaks with JP Cortez, Policy Director of the Sound Money Defense League, about the citizenry efforts to restore gold and silver sound money to America at both State and Federal levels. Learn also about the Sound Money Index which tracks the process of each U.S. State in the adoption of gold and silver as sound money!

Discussed in this interview:
03:25 What is sound money?
06:57 What the U.S. Constitution say about money?
10:59 Objectives of the Sound Money Defense League
15:41 End the Fed?
16:55 Making gold & silver legal tender in South Carolina
23:26 U.S States ranked in The Sound Money Index
28:18 How state precious metals income tax is unfair
32:37 What would make legislators adopt gold & silver as money



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