Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 10 Mar 2019

Iustin Rosioara - Gold and Silver: God's Money In The Bible

SBTV's latest guest is Iustin Rosioara, author of God's Money: An In-Depth Examination of the Bible Verses that Mention Gold and Silver. We examine how gold and silver were naturally selected as money even during Old Testament biblical times. Listen on and be amazed by the biblical text's accuracy with regards to the gold to silver ratio and what a sound economic model would be.

Discussed in this interview:
04:43 Concept of money
08:14 Money should be defined as a weight of gold and silver
11:20 Gold and silver in the Bible
14:07 God's purpose for gold and silver
22:22 First mention of gold in the Bible
28:23 What was the gold to silver ratio in the Bible?
31:41 Abraham's cattle, silver and gold was an economic model
39:44 Temple of Solomon: Most expensive building every built?


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