Iustin Rosioara - 100-year Dow-to-Gold Ratio Shows Gold & Silver Price Rally Ahead

Posted by Vincent Tie on 18 Dec 2019

Returning SBTV guest, Iustin Rosioara, brought us on a deep dive into the 100-year history of the Dow-to-Gold Ratio explaining significant past events and why gold and silver prices are heading higher based on the cyclical pattern of the the Dow-to-Gold Ratio.

Iustin Rosioara is also the author of several books: 'God's Money', 'Wealth Maker or Wishful Thinker' and 'Inflation and Deflation'.

Discussed in this interview:
04:05 Fiat currencies are doomed to fail
07:08 Gold & silver to return to their monetary role
10:33 Overview of the Dow to Gold Ratio
15:57 Peaks in the Dow to Gold Ratio
20:32 Troughs in the Dow to Gold Ratio
24:10 Stock market bubbles are blown bigger today
29:33 Are we expecting a new record low in the ratio?
35:06 Similar pattern in the Dow to silver ratio?




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