Gregor Gregersen: Protecting Wealth From Systemic Crises

Posted by Vincent Tie on 16 Dec 2021

We sat down with Gregor Gregersen, founder of Silver Bullion, to understand how a bizarre email he received in 2014 started him on the path to building the safest precious metals storage system to protect wealth. Storing gold and silver offshore is not enough. Today, one has to also consider jurisdictional exposure of the country and the vault operator you are storing bullion with.

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
00:11 Bizarre email mentioning possible escheating of assets
01:48 Understanding the influence of the United States
02:53 How Carrie Lam's bank accounts were closed
03:44 How the US delayed the Nord Stream 2 project
05:20 Will the next systemic crises stem from the United States
06:42 What happens when confidence in the dollar collapses?
07:15 Will the US nationalize or confiscate gold?
10:08 Is storing precious metals offshore the answer to protecting wealth?
10:55 Why do jurisdictions matter?
13:40 How is Silver Bullion different from other vault operators?
15:00 How else is Silver Bullion unique when it comes to wealth protection?
18:09 Will Singapore confiscate gold?
19:41 How strong is Silver Bullion as a company?
21:38 A transparent & auditable storage system
22:43 An empowering culture
25:16 Do not delay. Start protecting your wealth from the coming crisis



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