Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 25 Jul 2022

Gregor Gregersen: 3 Common Misunderstandings in the Bullion Storage Industry

Gregor Gregersen, the founder of Silver Bullion, shares his thoughts on 3 commonly misunderstood areas of the bullion storage industry - ownership, insurance and vault security. Bullion owners planning to store gold and silver offshore to diversify wealth protection need to understand how each of these three areas really works to securely protect their wealth.

Discussed in this interview:
00:46 Misunderstanding 'All Risk' insurance
01:19 Risks commonly covered by bullion insurance
01:51 What is mysterious disappearance coverage?
02:15 How can the insurance pay if the cause of the loss is undetermined?
03:26 What it takes to obtain mysterious disappearance coverage
04:50 How is bullion ownership often misunderstood?
05:30 How ownership works when storing bullion with a third party vault?
06:30 How vault secrecy and security is misunderstood
07:56 Why is knowledge of a vault's location a non-issue?
08:34 What is the real reason for vault secrecy?
09:17 What is the problem with security by obscurity?



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