Gregor Gregersen - Silver's True Value Hidden As It is Mispriced By Orders of Magnitude

Posted by Vincent Tie on 30 Jul 2020

SBTV's guest this week is Gregor Gregersen, founder of systemic wealth protection specialist Silver Bullion and The Safe House vault in Singapore. Despite the rally in silver prices recently, Gregor has no doubt that silver is grossly mispriced compared to the massive global debt. If gold is a jumbo jet taking flight, silver is the fighter jet that goes exponential.

Discussed in this interview:
01:13 How jurisdictions can benefit wealth-building
09:10 Major global trends the world is facing
17:09 When will gold and silver premiums revert to normalcy?
19:22 Remember the monetary history of silver
26:42 Silver: The forgotten and overlooked metal
29:47 How much gold and silver should one own?
34:20 Would precious metals backed tokens diminish silver's future
40:32 Exit strategy for owners of precious metals


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