Gregor Gregersen - Physical Gold & Silver Market: Why Premiums Rise Despite Massive Crash In Prices

Posted by Vincent Tie on 31 Mar 2020

Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion, shares with SBTV the inner workings of the physical gold and silver market with details of why premiums for bullion have risen despite the massive fall in prices in Mar 2020.

Discussed in this interview:
02:18 Why has premiums increased substantially with fall in gold and silver prices?
07:30 Broken gold and silver spot prices
11:18 Why buyback prices have not increased in tandem with higher sell prices?
14:15 Current crisis the pin to prick the 'Everthing Bubble'?
17:32 Danger of I.O.U bullion storage systems in times of physical shortages
25:44 Why physical gold & silver supplies are running low now?
32:28 Is it too late to start buying gold and silver?
38:47 Protecting your wealth from a gold nationalization event



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