Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 17 Mar 2019

Gregor Gregersen - Italy Could Spark The Next Global Debt Crisis

SBTV speaks with Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion and The Safe House, about the economic future of Europe and the coming bail-ins for bank depositors in the next economic reset. Gregor also shares why silver is his asset of choice right now.

Discussed in this interview:
06:42 Would deregulation help Europe to be competitive again?
09:05 How are European banks faring?
13:56 Vicious cycle of high taxation
21:59 Bail-ins will be the first resort in the next crisis
26:38 Gold and silver protects wealth in a systemic crisis
30:48 Silver is so cheap right now, buy the physical
35:01 Coins vs bars: Which is a better buy?
36:22 When silver goes to $200


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