Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 03 Feb 2019

Frank Homes - Peak Gold Is Here: No Major Gold Discoveries and Falling Exploration Dollars

SBTV speaks with returning guest Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of US Global Investors, about gold. Has gold production plateaued and are there less capital invested in gold exploration? Frank shares his insights to both questions.

Discussed in this interview:

02:43 Disappointment in gold's performance in 2018?
03:49 Outlook for gold in 2019
06:02 Peak gold: Discoveries and exploration dollars
11:53 Impact of the Newmont-Goldcorp merger on the gold market
12:54 Stock markets due for correction in 2019?
15:09 US & China: Who needs each other more?
18:49 Is the future of cryptocurrencies still bright?
24:06 Impact of bear market on HIVE Blockchain



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