Frank Holmes - HIVE Blockchain, Crypto Mining in Iceland

Posted by Vincent Tie on 12 Jul 2018

SBTV spoke with Frank Holmes, CEO of US Global Investors and Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies to find out more about HIVE Blockchain and his views on the future of cryptocurrencies.

Discussed in this interview:

03:25 Getting started with HIVE Blockchain.
08:36 HIVE - Public listed crypto mining company.
10:36 Cryptocurrencies that HIVE mines.
12:24 Prominent companies coming into crypto space.
12:52 How HIVE stores cryptocurrencies.
15:14 Choosing between cryptos vs the HIVE stock.
19:00 What's ahead for HIVE Blockchain.
19:23 Investing with volatility.
20:54 The state with cryptocurrencies right now.
23:09 Blockchain will revolutionize banking.
25:45 Blockchain tech to reduce the cost of money transfers.
27:46 Gold-backed cryptocurrencies.


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