EV Battery Degradation Rates, Indonesia Plans Battery Plants | Electric Vehicle & Battery Metals

Posted by Vincent Tie on 30 Dec 2019

SBTV brings you the latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.

In this update:
01:57 2019 was the year electric cars grew up
03:58 Germany finally passes Norway, a nation 1/16th their size, in EV sales
06:41 Kia solves EV supply problems, can deliver on 3,000 Niro EV pre-orders in Europe
08:38 Vale to exit New Caledonia, eyes Indonesia to boost nickel output
11:16 Indonesia targets starting up EV battery plants in 2023
13:15 Rapid EV adoption brings queues at some EV chargers on Thanksgiving weekend
15:26 8 lessons about EV battery health from 6,300 electric cars

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