Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 03 Dec 2018

Demelza Hays - Cryptocurrencies Offer a Quick Exit When Fiat Currencies Hyperinflate

Our latest SBTV guest is Demelza Hays, Research Analyst and Fund Manager at Incrementum AG. A firm believer of sound money and the Austrian school of economics, Demelza shares why she considers cryptocurrencies as sound money and why cryptocurrencies can offer a Plan B to fiat currencies.

Discussed in this interview:
01:25 Operating the first bitcoin ATM in Liechtenstein.
07:41 Are cryptocurrencies sound money?
15:07 Can intangible cryptocurrencies be trusted?
18:50 Strong correlation between hash rate and price.
23:00 Institutional interest in cryptocurrencies.
29:00 How asset managers pick cryptocurrencies for their funds.
32:54 How would funds store large amounts of cryptocurrencies.
35:45 Future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


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