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Posted by Vincent Tie on 22 May 2018

Dave Kranzler - Gold & Silver Are Extremely Undervalued

Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics ( comes on SBTV to discuss why gold is an attractive buy right now given how undervalued it is. We also asked Dave about how investors should view holding physical gold & silver bullion versus mining stocks. Dave also shared about the extent of how overvalued the stock markets are at this moment and the U.S housing bubble rearing its head again.

Discussed in this interview:
01:37 Gold - A Long Term Perspective
08:14 Was 2015 the bottom for gold price?
13:14 Gold - One of the Best Performing Assets
14:45 Bullion vs Mining Stocks
17:10 Gold is very undervalued right now
19:20 The COMEX cycle that impacts the gold price
21:47 Silver will outperform gold
25:00 How overvalued are the stock markets
30:11 How every U.S pension funds will 'blow up'
32:40 The ratio of paper to physical gold
35:01 Housing bubble rearing its head again
39:51 "Trump loves debt!"
41:09 Fed rate hike to prick the housing bubble?
45:25 The world wants out of the dollar



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