Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 03 Mar 2019

Daniel Ameduri - Silver Has Incredibly Better Fundamentals Than Gold

SBTV welcomes Daniel Ameduri, Co-Founder of Future Money Trends and Crush The Street, back as we discussed future Fed rate hikes, the state of US debt, outlook for gold and silver and mining stocks.

Discussed in this interview:
00:45 Where Fed rate hikes are going in 2019?
03:09 Any chance the Fed is able to reduce its $4 trillion balance sheet?
06:40 Does the US national debt of $22 trillion matter?
09:25 Any political will in Washington to solve the debt problem?
11:19 How President Trump has scored so far
12:21 How a currency crisis will impact gold
14:09 Outlook for gold and silver in 2019
15:31 Central banks have bought record amounts of gold
17:23 Peak gold creating problems for future gold supply
18:48 Gold at $5,000: Would you sell or hold?
20:50 Fundamentals for silver
22:50 Buy bullion bars or coins? Numismatics?
25:40 Mining stocks to have their day in the sun


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