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Posted by Vincent Le on 27 May 2024

Craig Hemke - Silver Squeezing the Bigs


In the latest episode of SBTV, Patrick Vierra delves deep into the tumultuous world of precious metals with Craig Hemke, the insightful voice behind the TF Metals Report. Hemke articulates his concerns over recent margin hikes in the metals markets, reflecting on their potential to unsettle the equilibrium and hinting at the drastic possibility of the COMEX shutting down. His perspective is rooted in a decade of witnessing manipulative price capping and market suppression, leading him to a staunch advocacy for physical metal ownership as a means to counter systemic flaws.

Hemke's analysis extends beyond the present turmoil, drawing parallels with past market disruptions and exploring future implications. He offers a compelling narrative on the mechanics of price manipulation and the strategic movements of major market players, like JP Morgan, whose maneuvers have historically influenced market stability. His predictions and historical insights provide a stark reminder of the fragility and volatility inherent in these markets. To gain a deeper understanding of these critical issues and their potential impact on your investments, watch the full interview with Craig Hemke on SBTV.


0:00: Analysis of gold and silver market trends with insights from Craig Hemke on market manipulation.
4:35: Manipulative margin hikes lead to rapid price drops in copper and silver markets.
09:12: Silver price management challenged by potential Arbitrage impact and physical off-take Market in China.
13:42: Manipulation of precious metals prices by banks and individuals in positions of power.
18:11: Emergence of Shanghai Futures Exchange may impact silver price control and physical delivery restrictions.
22:33: Implications of a potential silver short squeeze in the market and the historical context of a similar event in 2011.
26:38: Potential consequences of failing to deliver on commodity contracts.
31:03: Impact of physical metal purchases on challenging the manipulation of silver prices.
35:11: Discussion on monitoring market trends, followed by promoting Twitter and subscription service for daily updates.

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