Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 10 Feb 2019

Craig Hemke - Watch Palladium Closely: Archilles Heel of the Paper Metals Markets

"Watch Palladium closely!", warns SBTV's guest Craig Hemke who is the publisher of the popular TF Metals Report. Craig sees risks in the palladium market that could unravel the paper metals market. We also discuss his outlook for gold and silver in 2019.

Discussed in this interview:
01:10 Review of gold and silver price performance in 2018
06:10 Stronger or weaker dollar is beneficial for the economy?
08:45 2019 gold and silver price gains to mirror 2010?
14:38 Expectations of QE announcement by Fed in 2019?
19:33 COMEX scam: Exchanged For Physicals(EFP)
25:41 Watch palladium closely: Archilles heel for paper metals market
28:30 Central banks' record gold buying
30:18 Speculating on gold and silver prices in the short term


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