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Posted by Vincent Tie on 08 Jun 2018

Craig Hemke - Understanding the COT Report, Gold & Silver Price Manipulation

Craig Hemke (a.k.a Turd Ferguson) of TF Metals Report joins us on SBTV to demystify the Commitments of Traders (COT) reports and share with us his views on price manipulation in the gold and silver markets.

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Discussed in this interview:
01:24 Genesis of TF Metals Report
04:36 COT report for the layman
09:24 COT data can be a predictor of future trend
13:36 Scope of the COT report
16:24 Monitoring the open interest
18:01 Legacy report: The report to read
23:39 How price manipulation works
27:27 Gold - a reflection of confidence on the dollar
30:03 Prices determined by derivative trading
31:31 Gold/silver prices if there were no manipulation
33:01 Can price manipulation be curbed?
37:10 Outlook for gold & silver in 2018



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