Craig Hemke - Fight Back on the 10th Anniversary of the May Day Silver Massacre

Posted by Vincent Tie on 29 Apr 2021

SBTV's guest this week is Craig Hemke, publisher of Craig revisits the lead-up to the silver May Day massacre 10 years ago - the single-most egregious act of price manipulation any of us have ever witnessed. Time to fight back!

Discussed in this interview:
01:31​ Beware of the 'Break the COMEX' hype train
06:49​ May Day silver massacre
10:21​ Silver squeeze 2.0
14:14​ "Tamp down" silver by CFTC?
18:45​ Inflation creep coming
22:22​ Powell's toolbox, will it help?
24:17​ Yield curve control the last tool
25:45​ The Fed is backed into a corner


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