Posted by Patrick Vierra on 25 Oct 2023

Craig Hemke - Another Gold and Silver Fake Out?

SBTV spoke with Craig Hemke from the TF Metals Report

Craig discusses the price variations and fluctuations with precious metals as of late.

With that, and the current geopolitical environment we are in, are gold and silver ready to rise and maintain...or is this another precious metals fake out that is spoofing and spooking us for Halloween? You decide.

Discussed in this interview:

01:28 Geopolitics and precious metals
04:39 East-West price difference
09:16 Gold price shift to Asia
11:40 Gold down at $1200?
17:41 Silver price?
20:22 Pain, pain, pain...
24:34 If Powell loosens...
28:24 Craig's top 2 things on his mind

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