Collin Kettell - Gold Reaching All-Time Highs But Not Enough People Are Paying Attention To It

Posted by Vincent Tie on 15 Jul 2020

Our latest SBTV guest is Collin Kettell, Founder of Palisades Goldcorp, who sees a great disconnect where gold prices are likely reach all-time highs but not enough people have paid attention to this sector. Collin further lays out the huge opportunity in gold and silver mining stocks that could see astronomical gains with higher gold prices.

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Discussed in this interview:
04:56 Gold going beyond $2,000
05:57 It is still a sleeper gold bull market
11:37 Situation with the gold mining industry
15:00 Silver an obvious purchase given how out of whack the gold silver ratio is
18:50 Possibility of a second wave of mine shutdowns
20:16 Getting invested with mining stocks
27:26 Any promising silver miners?
29:33 Investing with Palisades Goldcorp



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