Claudio Grass - When The Dollar Bubble Bursts, The Euro May Not Survive Either

Posted by Vincent Tie on 30 Oct 2019

Returning SBTV guest, Claudio Grass, speaks with us about the unsustainable pensions, crumbling fiat currencies and a looming financial crisis in a world of insane central bank monetary policies.

Discussed in this interview:
01:31 A looming global recession ahead?
06:47 Money printing by central banks at its limits
08:18 Governments and central banks are out of control
11:14 Pensions are not sustainable especially with negative interest rates
15:46 No bright future for the dollar and euro
24:03 Lack of gold backing: Cause of economic woes
26:58 Digital world can offer freedom away from centralization
28:50 Prioritize hard assets to protect wealth



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