Chris Powell - Growing Signs That Central Banks Are Preparing For Dollar Dissolution

Posted by Vincent Tie on 22 Jul 2020

SBTV spoke with Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), about how manipulators of the gold price can be defeated and the signs that global centrals could be preparing for a world without the dollar.

Discussed in this interview:
04:55 Too much physical demand now for paper system to accommodate
09:22 Keeping mum about government intervention in gold market
13:54 Spoofing trades by JP Morgan
17:27 JP Morgan backed by ally who has infinite money
23:49 Federal Reserve captured by financial industry
28:33 Defeating the manipulators of the gold price
33:51 Who owns US gold reserves?
37:27 When will manipulation of the gold price ends?


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