Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 20 Nov 2018

Chris Blasi - Biggest Gains Will Come From Third Leg of Gold Bull Market

Chris Blasi, President at Neptune Global, shares on SBTV about how the secular bull market in gold is still intact. He sees the pull back in prices in recent years as a needed correction before the third leg of the bull market begins. The third leg is where the biggest gains are. We also discussed platinum and palladium and how relevant these metals are in investors' portfolios.

Discussed in this interview:
02:48 The third leg of the gold bull market.
06:22 Will the Fed eventually cut rates back down?
08:52 Reasons to hold gold still strong?
11:22 Physical gold has no counterparty risks.
14:49 Gold is financial insurance.
16:54 Factors impacting the platinum & palladium price.
19:12 Is palladium overvalued?
22:52 Size of platinum & palladium markets.
26:12 Diversified portfolio in precious metals.


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