Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 06 Jan 2019

Brent Johnson - Coming Dollar Strength Will Wreck The Global Monetary System

We are delighted to have Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, on SBTV. Although he is a proponent of gold, Brent's Dollar Milkshake Theory sees him playing devil's advocate to assess how the dollar and gold will move in the coming years.

Discussed in this interview:
05:38 Difference between owning physical and paper gold.
06:40 The Dollar Milkshake Theory
13:10 Dollar strength will wreck global monetary system.
15:40 Gold price to head lower with dollar strength.
22:22 Jim Rogers: Gold is not going to bottom until the last gold bug gives up
25:27 Rational percentage of gold in a portfolio
27:09 Exter's Pyramid
30:46 Digital vs physical: COMEX gold and the dollar
35:20 How real is de-dollarization?
40:38 US to lose its reserve currency status?


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