Brent Johnson - Coming Dollar Strength Will Wreck The Global Monetary System

Posted by Vincent Tie on 06 Jan 2019

We are delighted to have Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital, on SBTV. Although he is a proponent of gold, Brent's Dollar Milkshake Theory sees him playing devil's advocate to assess how the dollar and gold will move in the coming years.

Discussed in this interview:
05:38 Difference between owning physical and paper gold.
06:40 The Dollar Milkshake Theory
13:10 Dollar strength will wreck global monetary system.
15:40 Gold price to head lower with dollar strength.
22:22 Jim Rogers: Gold is not going to bottom until the last gold bug gives up
25:27 Rational percentage of gold in a portfolio
27:09 Exter's Pyramid
30:46 Digital vs physical: COMEX gold and the dollar
35:20 How real is de-dollarization?
40:38 US to lose its reserve currency status?


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