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Posted by Vincent Le on 06 Jul 2024

Bob Moriarty - Economic and Political Free Fall


In a thought-provoking SBTV interview, Patrick Vierra sits down with Bob Moriarty, former F4 fighter pilot and founder of 321 Gold, to discuss the tumultuous world of geoeconomics and precious metals. Moriarty brings a unique perspective from his combat experience, offering insights into the geopolitical tensions and their economic implications. He delves into the ongoing conflicts and their impact on global stability, emphasizing the importance of owning physical assets like gold and silver as safe havens amidst financial chaos.

Moriarty critiques the current state of global leadership, highlighting the economic missteps and the inevitable financial crises they precipitate. He predicts a significant shift from paper assets to tangible ones, urging investors to safeguard their wealth with precious metals. This compelling interview not only provides a stark analysis of global economics but also serves as a call to action for viewers to consider the stability and security of their investments. Watch the full interview on SBTV to gain deeper insights into protecting your financial future amidst these uncertain times.


0:00: Global geopolitical instability discussed by Bob Moriarty on SBTV in Singapore.
5:02: Global financial repercussions of government bonds and international tensions over assets and interest.
9:46: Deception in mainstream media, doubts on Biden's leadership, and skepticism towards US politics.
15:22: Europe's involvement in attacking a neighbor backfires due to pipeline destruction.
19:41: Discussion on the possibility of draft in the US and Germany due to Ukraine war, deemed delusional.
24:28: Impact of geopolitical events on US dollar and global economy.
29:36: Impending civil unrest in the US due to potential sentencing of Trump by a biased judge.
34:27: Impact of natural gas cost on German companies, Europe's energy dilemma, and the importance of accumulating assets amidst economic uncertainty.
39:12: Silver played a crucial role in historical conflicts and continues to be a safe haven investment in China.

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