Vincent Tie

Posted by Vincent Tie on 14 Jan 2019

Bill Holter - Not A Chance Next Financial Crisis Can Be Avoided

SBTV's latest guest is Bill Holter of We asked Bill if the next Financial Crisis can be avoided and Bill's reply to that was a resounding, "NO!". Follow our conversation as he shares why he thinks there will be not one but two resets as we go into the crisis.

Discussed in this interview:
05:40 How dire will the next financial crisis be?
10:43 Expect two coming resets in the monetary system.
12:45 Chinese ambitions for reserve currency.
13:58 Gold standard
15:23 Silver, a monetary metal again?
19:23 $50 silver
22:54 Holding gold & silver in a bear market
26:10 Getting ready for the economic collapse


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