Andy Schectman - Silver is the Buying Opportunity of a Generation

Posted by Vincent Tie on 01 Apr 2021

SBTV latest guest is Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin Precious Metals Investments. Andy calls silver the 'buying opportunity of a generation' as the precious metal continues to be extremely undervalued. We also reviewed the silver shortage retail investors reported regarding global national mints.

Discussed in this interview:
01:43​ How Miles Franklin was founded
11:52​ Gold & silver bullion vs ETFs vs mining stocks
20:39​ Impact of movements like Wall Street Silver
24:32​ Rumors of non-delivery
33:37​ Premiums staying elevated
39:56​ Reclassification of gold as Tier 1 asset
46:17​ 'The Others' who are hoarding gold and silver
50:14​ The Endgame


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