Gregor Gregersen, Founder of Silver Bullion & The Safe House

Gregor next to the brand new Class 2 vaults
being assembled at The Reserve

Truly Secure Your Wealth

Systemic Crisis Can Destroy Life Savings Overnight

In 2008, when Lehman Brothers’ US$35 trillion worth of derivative positions were defaulted upon, being twice the GDP of the United States, our global financial system came within hours of collapsing.

Ownership of physical precious metals, such as gold and silver, were one of the few real stores of wealth that did not depend on somebody’s solvency. People quickly bought them from every dealer or bank that still had stock, regardless of large premiums charged over the spot price.

During that tumultuous financial landscape, amidst the chaos and uncertainty brought on by the Global Financial Crisis, it became clear that owning physical precious metals in a safe jurisdiction was a necessity - setting the genesis of what would later become our company, Silver Bullion.

While the crisis was largely averted through massive bailouts in 2008, the unsustainable debt growth and societal division since then have fuelled political divisions and flamed civil unrest in many countries. Together with growing geopolitical tensions these trends are increasing the likelihood of systemic crises, which might be too big and contentious for bailouts.

We Provide Intergenerational Systemic Wealth Protection

Physical gold and silver have proven their worth in crises, are indestructible and have been intrinsically valuable for 5,000 years across nearly all human societies. When properly secured, they are an ideal wealth insurance as their value is intrinsic and not derived from working financial systems, counterparties or governments.

Investment grade precious metals have all the advantages of physical objects, allowing direct ownership, while providing the liquidity and pricing clarity typical of financial instruments.

We specialize in securing our clients’ assets for the very long term. Find out how we protect your Wealth.

By Gregor Gregersen
Founder of Silver Bullion & The Safe House

Our Achievements

Key Milestones


First silver bar arrived in Singapore

Silver Bullion founder Gregor Gregersen got his first silver delivered to Singapore through the newly established, GST registered private limited entity.

Silver Bullion website

S.T.A.R. Storage established

S.T.A.R. Storage was established with storage being outsourced, resulting in sub-optimal Force Majeure and Insurance which we aimed to remedy.

Learn about S.T.A.R.

The Safe House SG establishment

Silver Bullion insourced vaulting operations, eliminating vaulting reliance on third parties and limiting jurisdictional risk to Singapore only.

The Safe House Website

Launch of the Secured Peer to Peer Lending platform

The platform enables collateral owners to easily obtain funds from lenders in a public bid/ask loan market. Over 797 million SGD and 18,657 loans have been processed.

Learn about Liquidity Loans

Started building the world’s largest capacity vault

Acquisition completed and renovation started on our 180,000 sqft facility, a unique alternative asset centre and intergeneration wealth storage facility.

Check progress videos/images

Attained LBMA membership

The LBMA advances standards for the global precious metals industry. We are the first ever entity out of Southeast Asia to join the prestigious LBMA.

LBMA membership